Fido's Knees: Joint Supplement for Dogs

As our pets age, they start to move more and more slowly. Often, their joints begin to ache for a variety of reasons, many of the same reasons that yours and mine do.

Dogs and Their Joints

Dogs of all sizes are tough on their joints. Little dogs tend to jump a lot. Big dogs run fast and put a lot of force on their joints.

As time goes on, dogs can begin to wear out the cushioning inside their joints and your dog will begin to experience pain.

Dogs can also get calcium deposits, scar tissue, missing or torn cartilage, or bone damage that can affect them.

Noticing the Pain

Unlike children or adults, dogs don’t complain about the subtle pain and aches that they develop. Most dogs will hide their pain or simply run through it.

You might begin to see small changes in behavior:

  • She won’t jump over the fence or gate like she used.
  • Hesitation as she jumps.
  • Missing the jump or not clearing the gate or fence like he used to.
  • Running slower.
  • Less willingness to run around at full speed.
  • A new enjoyment of having his hips or knees rubbed.
  • Tenderness when touched on the legs.

The Best Way to deal with Joint Pain

There are a number of prescription drugs that you can give your dog, but the first line of defense should be glucosamine.

Prescription drugs are expensive and often have side effects. Interestingly, though, many are simply brand name variations of supplements you can get over the counter, like glucosamine.

What is Glucosamine?

Glucosamine is an amino sugar and is frequently found naturally occurring in connective tissues. Our bodies, and our dogs, create glucosamine naturally. As we age, though, it produces less and less of it. Glucosamine is a “precursor” to hyaluronan in the body, a key ingredients to healthy cartilage.

This reduced creation of natural glucosamine can lead to the degradation of your dog’s connective tissues.

The good news is that glucosamine supplementation has been found to be effective for both humans and dogs.

Important factors in Glucosamine Supplements for Dogs

There are a number of considerations that you should account for when looking for a glucosamine supplement for dogs.

  • Maximum bloodstream absorption - Getting the glucosamine into the bloodstream is the first step to getting it to the joints.
  • Inflammatory reduction - The overall formula, focused around glucosamine, should work to reduce the inflammation. Complementing the glucosamine with antioxidants can help it work more effectively.
  • Industry Compliant - The production of many supplements are not regulated by the government, but there are some groups that have set standards that the best companies follow. GMP and the Natural Products Association have created very high standards for supplement production.
  • Chondroitin - You’ll often see, when you look at these supplements in stores, glucosamine and chondroitin work closely together to decrease pain.


The Most Complete Joint Supplement for Dogs

The best canine glucosamine supplement on the market is Actistatin. This product checks all the boxes on your dog’s needs and it’s 100% guaranteed.

Soft chew - Delicious soft chews make it easy to give your dog a dose of healthful glucosamine and chondroitin. They think they’re getting a treat; you know you’re reducing their pain.

COMPLETE Dog Supplement - With 4 time the glucosamine of other brands, plus Chondroitin, MSM, CMO, and Type 2 Collagen, Actistatin is a powerful joint supplement.

Antioxidant - Actistatin contains Omega 3, L-Carnitine, Bromelain, Resveratol, CoQ10, and more all provide an antioxidant base.








The Importance of Quality

While all of the ingredients are important, the actual quality of manufacturing is important. Actistatin comes a soft chews. They don’t dry out and get hard. They stay soft even after you open the package. That’s huge. Some dogs are finicky eaters.

Satisfaction guarantee: This is an important part of customer service. If a customer or their dog are not satisfied with Actistatin, they can send it back for a full refund. That’s very different from most other supplements that won’t give you a refund after you’ve opened it (and how do you know if it’s going to work if you don’t open it).

The Actistatin Revolution

There are thousands of positive reviews and amazing success stories from Actistatin. For dogs that have massive joint issues, glucosamine can be a miracle. They can go from being unable to walk comfortably to being able to run and play again.

For canine joint health, Actistatin is the answer!